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Spindle is currently at a open beta step. There are still many features to be added, estimated date for official launch is April 2016. However, beta version is available and functional at this point. You just need to register and start using it. Before ending the beta phase, all accounts have no limitations.

Paid plans are avaialable as a pre-purchase, their will be started with a launch of full version of our software. By purchasing them you are helping us to make Spindle more complex and accessible.

Bronze plan Silver plan Golden plan Platinum plan
Perfect for chamber larps, freeforms, offer only for non-profit organizations For larger, yet non-comercial larps For blockbuster larps and professional events For largest and most demanding larps that exists
Managing plots, roles and characters
Automated generation of handouts
Multiple handout templates
Flexible handout structure (author-defined sections)
Managing players
Maximal number of scenarios No limit No limit No limit No limit
Maximal number of characters in a scenario 20 100 250 No limit
Mass assignement of roles
Maximal number of co-author accounts 3 10 30 100
Managing player- generated content
Creating own handout templates
Generating online form for participant submissions
Support Forum Ticket system Ticket system Phone, Ticket system
Customized modules
Coaching via teleconference
Data storage space 1 GB 5 GB 10 GB 20 GB
Pricing per month/year (with pre-purchase 30% discount) Free 14€/140€ 44€/440€ Ask for personal pricing
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