About Us

Spindle is handling plot focus and chartacter focus at the same time

SPINDLE is a project done by larpers, for larpers. We are constantly looking for new partners. If you have any questions related to our software, want to start using it, or have idea for cooperation - please mail us.

Our email address is: bartczak.kamil/at/gmail/dot/com

Our Team

Maciej Wanicki, Archangel of Balance

Maciek is a software enginneer and creator of many IT tools for larps, like player- tracking GPS based system for Hunger Games inspired larp The Game or spaceship simulator Space Quest. As Archangel of Balance, he is responsible for all technological aspects of Spindle.

Kamil Bartczak - Archangel of Courage

Larpwright and co-author of methodology which led to the creation of SPINDLE. Professional application architect and IT analyst, co-author of Geas larp series, Fight Night, On The Road and Mir larps.

Alicja Bera, Cherub of Creation

Alicja is a professional front-end developer, with rich experience in top-profile ecommerce projects. As our Cherub of Creation, she is responsible for coding and performance of Spindle's interface, as well as for its ability to support mobile devices.

Wojciech Cichy, Cherub of Beauty

Wojciech is a motion and graphics designer. His career began in 2004, with post-apocalyptic computer game. Today he is co-organizing OldTown festival. He is also the man behind OldTown's well-aclaimed trailer movie.
As our Cherub of Beauty, Wojciech is the designer of Spindle's interface, handout templates, and future graphic materials.

Claus Raasted Herløvsen - Archangel of Vision

The one who does not need introducing. The organizer of worldwide known larps like College of Wizardry and Fairweather Manor. Co-organizer of Knudepunkt conferences, author of many larp publications and books. As Archangel of Vision he is searching for new ways in which Spindle can help larpwriters.

Maciej Wróbel - Cherub of Progress

Maciej is a wildcard in Spindle's development team. Experienced both as a larper and a server-side programmer, he is a head of our optimization process. Also, he is the first one to deal with unpredicted problems.

Krzysztof "Flapjack" Maj, Archangel of Justice

Krzysztof is a professional manager with large experience in creating strategic partnerships. Also, co-author of larps like the Witcher School, Last Voyage and Old Town. In Spindle he is a creator of crowdfunding campaign and financial model of this project.