Spindle is a simple and powerfull larpwriting software

Unique larp writing software

SPINDLE is a complete tool for writing and managing larp scenarios, from designing plot to generating character handouts. It is aimed at delivering a set of handouts which are:

  • flexible – their structure can be completely customized for your larp

  • as complex as necessary,

  • free of bugs – thanks to intelligent plot info management,

  • visually attractive – with well-designed templates and styles,

  • created in the most work-costefficient way as possible.

What is the big deal?

SPINDLE is the first IT tool to operate on various parts of larp scenario content that understands their meaning.

  • If you assign a character to a plot, their handout will be automatically updated, with plot info inserted into the right spots,

  • If you change a character playing a particular role, the content of their handout will follow,

You can be sure that character handouts have complete info about plots they are taking part in: consistent, sufficient, and free of bugs.

  • If you change anything in a particular plot, all involved characters will be updated.

  • If you change anything in one character, all other characters sharing this info will be updated as well.

SPINDLE fully embraces the idea that there is no sense in writing the same thing more than once.

We are at a BETA phase

Thanks to the support of the larp community, we are able to present to you, Spindle. We still have some work to do, adding all the features we would like to see in the full starting version. Nonetheless, Spindle is already a unique, time saving tool, being used by our partners to write their larps. We decided to make it publicly accessible at this point.

Until we have a full stable version, beta is open, free of all charge and limitations. You just need to create an account :) Bronze plan will be free indefinitely. After launching the full version, higher plans will a require monthly fee. This is a perfect time to test Spindle. You can also already pre-purchase higher plans with a significant discount, and help us implement this awesome software.

Spindle is handling plot focus and chartacter focus at the same time

How does it work?

SPINDLE connects plot content to characters, offering separate interfaces optimized for both elements. Handling independent edition by multiple authors, it makes dividing larpwrights' roles possible. One author can design plot and mark what info should be present in handouts, the other one can prepare a well-written text for character info, while both are benefiting from synergy of their work.

With SPINDLE, you can stop worrying about formatting handouts, graphical design, and typography. Style templates allow you to focus on a content, while styling and generating handouts will be done automatically. It requires just one click to download ready-to-print, or send by e-mail, handouts in a .pdf file.

Automatical formatting

With SPINDLE, you can stop worrying about formatting handouts, graphical design, and typography. Style templates allow you to focus on content, while styling and generating handouts will be done automatically. Just one click and you can download handouts in a .pdf file, ready-to-print, or send by e-mail.

Spindle is giving your larp multiple handout templates

Data Preservation (Paying only if using)

Spindle will never limit access to any of your scenarios. Even if you resigned from using a paid plan, and your scenario is exceeding limitations of a free, bronze plan. In that case you will still be able to print or download handouts, or export whole scenario as editable .doc file. Further edition will become available once you get back to a plan suited to the scale of your game. This means that if you need to use our paid plans, you can purchase them only for as long as you will be using them.

Ready to be a strategic partner

Professional larps have their unique requirements which need to be reflected in their IT tool. SPINDLE has a rich set of tools for big events, but it is also flexible in customization. Using our professional plan will allow you to:

  • enable features like: integrated task managing, auto assigning functions,

  • generating handouts based on a character form filled by the player, supporting communication between authors, and many more,

  • using a package of maintenance work hours to develop new tools designed to suit your needs and accessible exclusively to you,

  • have personal contact with SPINDLE, available by phone,

  • reach coaching support from SPINDLE via teleconference or in your workspace

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